Fishers Police reminds residents of golf cart ordinances

The Fishers Police Department would like to remind residents of the city’s local ordinance concerning the use and operation of golf carts. Fishers’ City Ordinance No. 090214D authorizes the use of golf carts on some neighborhood streets if the following conditions have been met:

  1. Fishers has determined that golf carts may be safely operated on the streets within
    the specific neighborhood;
  2. A threshold amount (75 percent or higher) of property owners in the
    neighborhood have approved of their use and the applicant has certified such
    results in writing; and
  3. The proper signage in the designated locations has been placed.

Golf carts shall not be operated on the public streets of Fishers except in full compliance with the provisions of this section. Currently, Britton Falls, Thorpe Creek, and Graystone are the only neighborhoods, in Fishers, to be in full compliance with the provisions of this section.

Read about hours of operation, disclaimers, liabilities, and penalties.

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