How much does each household pay for Neighborhood Patrol?

Each home contributes approximately $210 to Neighborhood Patrol.

NP are able to be at your door much faster than the police department due to the fact that the police department is responsible for a MUCH larger geographic area and population.

All Neighborhood Patrol officers have full police powers so their frequent presence in our neighborhood throughout a 24 hour period can help deter criminal activity.

You may see something suspicious or something that just doesn’t seem right that wouldn’t warrant a call to the police, but NP are more than happy to come out and investigate. It is in these instances that crime can often be averted.

Am I responsible for replacing or maintaining my mailbox?

The HOA is responsible for routine maintenance. If your mailbox needs replacing or maintenance beyond the routine maintenance the  HOA provides, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to replace or maintain the mailbox.  For example, if a driver knocks down your mailbox, it is not the HOA’s responsibility to replace it.

What is the purpose of the replacement reserve fund?

The reserve study is completed to identify aging neighborhood assets.

In 2003, an initial assessment of neighborhood assets was done and placed a life expectancy on each neighborhood asset as well as a dollar value to enable the board to schedule a replacement date. The reserve study is to enable the board to build in dues replacement costs to maintain the neighborhood the way it is now, plus any additional neighborhood improvements. The value in this is to help plan economics and maintain quality of the neighborhood and support property values.

The reserve study is updated on a periodic basis to assure that the neighborhood amenities stay up to date and relevant.

Is anything being done about the noise on Cocktail Cove?

As of January 1, 2011 Cambridge fell under the Fishers noise ordinance. We received a commitment from the police chief and the council that they will patrol and ticket in the cove for noise ordinance, lewd behavior, etc. The police will not be patrolling 24/7 but between DNR and Fishers police and the Neighborhood Patrol, they will be able to cover many of the constant issues and are confident that they should be able to resolve most issues.

Why is my trash not being picked up?

Any homeowner who is behind in their neighborhood association dues will not have their trash picked up, per Cambridge bylaws:

Declarations 11. (H) Suspension of Privileges of Membership. Notwithstanding any other provision contained herein, the Board of Directors of the Association shall have the right to suspend the voting rights, if any, and the services to be provided by the Association together with the right to use the facilities of the Association, of any member (i) for any period during which any of the Association’s charges or any fines assessed under these restrictions owed by the member remains unpaid, (ii) during the period of any continuing violation of the restrictive covenants for the Development, after the existence of the violation shall have been declared by the Board of Directors of the Association; and (iii) during the period of any violation of the Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws or regulations of the Association.

Who is responsible for plowing our neighborhood when it snows?

The HOA has an agreement with PJE  Lawn Care & Landscaping to plow the roads when snow accumulation reaches 1 inch.  PJE will also salt the roads when necessary.  Since the HOA began working with PJE, our roads have been much safer to travel on during the winter. Fishers also will plow our neighborhood. However, Cambridge is considered a 3rd priority location, which means that Fishers will only guarantee that our streets are plowed within 3 days of a snowfall.

Is trash removal part of our homeowner association dues?

Yes. When the HOA agreed to a neighborhood contract, homeowners saw a savings of roughly 50% in the cost of trash removal. As part of the neighborhood contract with Republic, each homeowner is entitled to:

  • 3 Tote Containers – any combination of Trash and Recycling
  • Up to 20 Bags per Service Day of Leaves during Leaf Season

Do owners of the vacant lots pay for trash pick up and security?

Owners of vacant lots will not pay for trash pick up but they do pay for security.

Do homeowners with deeded docks need to carry insurance on their docks?

Homeowners with deeded docks need to ensure their homeowners’ insurance companies are aware that they have deeded docks and are therefore properly insured.

When do I need to submit an architectural review request and how long will it take to receive a response?

If you are making any capital improvements to your home, please submit them to the architectural review committee for approval. It is important that any changes are in accordance with our covenants and restrictions. The review board has 30 days to provide a response, but the turnaround time is generally no more than 2 weeks and usually less than a few days.

The architectural review form can be found here.

“Improvement” is defined as anything to the outside of your home other than landscaping. (Example: fence, pool, deck, etc.)

If you are having work done on your home, please have your contractor leave a card and note in your immediate neighbors’ mailboxes as a courtesy in case there are any issues.

Is the Cambridge publication I am receiving from the HOA?

No, Lakes and Living is published by a separate entity than the HOA. At times, the HOA will contribute items to the publication. The primary ways our HOA communicates with the residents is through our website (springsofcambridge.com), our Facebook Springs of Cambridge site, and through our email system. To be added to the email system, please call Kirkpatrick Management.

Can I park my boat trailer in my driveway?

The Town of Fishers has in place an ordinance against any trailers in driveways. If a homeowner is found in violation of this ordinance, the Town of Fishers will send a notice to the home letting them know that they must remove the trailer or they will be fined. If the homeowner ignores the notices, the Town can then tow away the trailer at the homeowner’s expense.  The neighborhood covenants also prohibit parking your boat and trailers in your driveway or on the streets for any extended length of time.  We are a boating community, so there will be times in the spring and fall when you are moving boats to and from the water that may be temporarily left on the street, just remember to move them promptly.

Is there a curfew at the park?

Yes. Kids are NOT supposed to be at the park after dark. If you do see kids at the park after dark, please call Neighborhood Patrol at 842-8082.

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