2018 Cambridge HIA Meeting Minutes

Cambridge Annual Meeting Minutes - 2018

Cambridge Property Owners Association

2018 Annual Meeting November 20, 2018

Please note that these meeting minutes will be officially approved by the neighborhood at the next ANNUAL meeting in November 2018.

The annual meeting was called to order at 7:00 at the Indianapolis Yacht Club. Board member attendees included Marvin Brown, Wade Etheredge, Nick Weybright, Stephanie McAllister, Cory Collins, Pat Miller and Keith Matthews.

20 homes were represented –18 in person – 2 by proxy 1. Call To Order by Marvin Brown
2. Geist Patrol Presentation

  •   Stats (monthly call log) and safety tips were passed out for review
  •   It’s not possible to be everywhere all of the time but they try their best to have visibility in our


  •   If you see something say something. Geist Patrol numbers were passed out. Call anytime.
  •   Vacation checks are available through Geist Patrol

    3. Review and Approval of 2017 Annual Meeting Minutes

 The minutes were approved

4. Treasurers Report – Wade Etheredge Operating: $48,720.99

Reserves: $81,056.91 Accounts Receivable $3,142.24 Prepaid: $4,989.11
Dock Reserves
Chrisfield: $31,483.98
Golden Ridge: $6,345.87 Water Ridge: $17,955.76 Section 10: 10,271.76

5. 2019 Budget – Wade Etheredge/Marvin Brown
6. Committee Reports – Stephanie McAllister
7. Election of Directors –quorum was not met‐ board remains seated 8. Open Discussion

  

It was mentioned that many lamppost lights are out. It’s the homeowners’ responsibility to maintain the lampposts.

People are speeding in no wake zones on the lake. One homeowner asked if we could post a reminder not to speed on our website and/or include it in the newsletter

A suggestion was made to put more info out about recycling out on the website and/or newsletter.

9. Adjournment @ 8:15pm

Cambridge Meeting Minutes - October 2018

Cambridge Property Owners Association

October 29, 2018 6:00PM
Home of Nick Weybright

Present: Marvin Brown, Dan Quigley, Nick Weybright, Stephanie McAllister, Cory Collins, Pat Miller and Keith Matthews.

Dan Quigley – KMC Update

The annual meeting has been rescheduled for November 20th at 7:00PM at the Indianapolis Yacht Club.

The budget has been created for 2018/2019. Stephanie McAllister motioned to approve. Nick Weybright seconded the motion. All present voted in favor.

th Financial Update: We have two home in collections as of October 29 .

The directory style was discussed. We are ok with the Sycamore style; however, we would like a section that arranges addresses by street as well.

Street Sign Update: We are still waiting on signs at Kingston Drive, Lake Ridge Lane, Marjac Way, and Dilot Lane. The sign for 96th and Springstone is being ordered as it was left off the original order.

PJE Update: PJE completed the job on Port View Lane. The common area was cleaned up and looks great!

Yard Lights: KMC completed an evening drive through on 10/18/2018. 54 lights were out. An email was sent to all residents with information on how to get the lights repaired.

The meeting adjourned at 8:00PM

Cambridge Meeting Minutes - September 2018

Cambridge HOA Board of Directors Meeting Date: September 18, 2018
Location: The Home of Pat Carlini

Present: Stephanie McAllister, Marvin Brown, Dan Quigley, Cory Collins, Nick Weybright, and Keith Mathews, Pat Carlini, Wade Etheredge.


Octoberfest/Concert Series

The final concert is scheduled for October 6th at 6:00pm. Keith has confirmed that the Bier Brewery Truck and Famous Backyard BBQ will be present and available for purchase.

Signs will be posted at each neighborhood entrance and FB will be updated again.

Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting is scheduled for November 13th at 7:00pm at the Yacht Club

HOA Financials Discussion

We are down to 3 homes in collections for dues.
15 homes are received a first notice as of August 1st down from 35 homes in 2017.
We are currently owed $9,891.00 in delinquent dues down from $17,039.50 this time last year. so far Cambridge has collected $4,790.00 in late fees for 2018.

KMC Update

Nothing to report from neighborhood patrol for August.

Neighborhood Directory sign-up forms are coming in steady. The directory will be mailed in October with all November meeting documents.

Street signs are still in the works. Installation issues are slowing the company down. We are still a few weeks out from getting started on the job.

The board approved a three year extension of the maintenance contract with PJE for $39,201.00 of landscaping and lawn yearly.

PJE submitted a bid to clear the Portview Lane common are for $$3,545.00. This was approved by the board.

The board asked Dan to investigate the possibility of adding “Cambridge” to the 96th street entrance wall on the north side to balance out the entrances. He will explore costs.

Miscellaneous Updates

Dan informed the board that we will have a change in managers. He will update us at the next meeting.

The next meeting will be October 24th at 6:30pm at the home of Nick Weybright. The meeting adjourned at 8:30 P.M.

Cambridge Meeting Minutes - August 2018

Cambridge HOA Board of Directors Meeting Date: August 21, 2018
Location: Stephanie McAllister’s Home

Present: Stephanie McAllister, Marvin Brown, Dan Quigley, Nick Weybright, Keith Mathews, Wade Etheredge, and Pat Carlini.


Summer Concert

Final summer concert date was discussed. Keith will work on getting the band scheduled in October.

Annual Meeting

The annual neighborhood meeting is scheduled for November 13th at 7:00pm a the Yacht Club. All board members are up for election. Everyone expressed desire to return to the board.


Six homes remain in collections. 83 homes missed the second half payment. Delinquencies remain at $35,565.81. Down over $10,000.00 from 2017.


Less than one month remains for residents to change any information published in the neighborhood directory.


PJE submitted a landscape budget for the next three years. Board approved contract extension.

It was decided that PJE is not going to clean-up the Chesapeake Boat Dock Area right now. Instead that will spray the area for weeds and the area will be added to the future contract for maintenance.

Port View Lane: Dan is going to get quotes to clean out left side of the common area from PJE and Chain Saw Chad. The 4 dock owners on the right are going to invest $2,300 into landscaping and new stairs.

Lots 53A: Dan is going to get a quote from Chain Saw Chad to trim the trees in that area.

Street Signs: They are still in production. Looking at two to three more weeks before install. We discussed calling/notifying each house owner around the date of install so they do not mow over the utility markings. Dan said he can take care of that.
The speed signs are up and going. So far positive feedback from the neighborhood.

General Business

KMC has received multiple complaints regarding the dock owned by lot 59, Mr. Barriento. He is allowing someone else to use his dock. That person is being aggressive with residents, including children, down by the docks.

Brad Bowman who has a dock in that group has asked the HOA to get involved as simple communication with the renter has been met with anger and hostility.

KMC has sent two letters to the Barriento’s . The response was “ We are not renting our boat dock to anyone.”

The board has decided to have Dan contact an attorney to aid in having this man and his boat removed from the slips.

Rob Bussell reached out to KMC requesting action be taken to address the issue of golf carts. He is receiving complaints regarding residents being stopped by Fishers police. The board would like to discuss the process of moving forward with amendments to the neighborhood covenants to allow for the lawful use of golf carts.

Miscellaneous Updates

The next meeting will be September 18th at 7:00pm at Pat Carlini’s home. The meeting adjourned at 8:30 P.M.

Cambridge Meeting Minutes - April 2018

Cambridge HOA Board of Directors Meeting Date: April 25, 2018
Location: Indianapolis Yacht Club

Present: Stephanie McAllister, Marvin Brown, Dan Quigley, Cory Collins, Nick Weybright, and Keith Mathews.


Dock Owners Annual Meeting

Keith gave a brief presentation on Geist Lake Coalition’s current fundraising efforts, requesting participation from dock owners.

Dan reminded owners that once they determine what repairs and improvements will be made they should contact Kirkpatrick for bill payment.

HOA Budget Discussion

We are closing the Bloomfield Bank mailbox account and moving the funds ($72,515.96) to Reserve Checking.

KMC Update

KMC sent out 13 violation notices last month.
13526 Lake Ridge Lane’s colored sidewalk issue has been handed over to the City of Fishers. KMC is hopeful the City will enforce the code and force them to pour a conforming sidewalk.

13665 Kingston has constructed a storage shed under their existing deck. This construction did not receive ACC approval. KMC is going to reach out and ask that they submit an ACC form for the modifications. We can review it at that time if they obtain neighbor signatures. Several neighbors have already complained about the shabby looking structure.

Nothing to report from neighborhood patrol for March.

Neighborhood Directory sign-up forms will be e-mailed out as a fillable PDF. The forms may be distributed in other forms depending on response. The directory will be mailed in October with all November meeting documents.

Street sign update- The City of Fishers has confirmed that speed signs are only required at the neighborhood entrances. Eliminating the majority of the speed signs will save us $11,700.00. The City is currently reviewing our request to install the solar speed signs. They have concerns that the flashing signs would encourage drag racing. Currently no other neighborhood in Fishers has permanent flashing speed signs. Installation of street signs should begin in approximately two to three weeks.

We decided to have all non-essential speed signs removed at the time of install.

Concerts in the Park- June 8th and August 17th for the summer concerts. Fox Gardin food truck is confirmed for both nights.

Miscellaneous Updates

The new street light selected is the Hinkley H1671BK “Edgewater”. This can be obtained by contacting Fergusons.

4th of July neighborhood parade set for June 30th at noon.

The next meeting will be May 30th at 6:30pm at Taxman in Fortville. The meeting adjourned at 8:00 P.M.

Cambridge Meeting Minutes - February 2018

Cambridge HOA Board of Directors Meeting Date: February 20, 2018
Location: Home of Marvin Brown

Present: Stephanie McAllister, Marvin Brown, Dan Quigley, Cory Collins, Nick Weybright, and Keith Mathews.


President’s Report

Marvin provided background on ARS/Rescue Rooter’s plan and introduced Kerry Tidwell.

ARS Presentation

Kerry Tidwell, General Manager of ARS/Rescue Rooter presented a neighborhood service program that he currently offers residents of Hamilton Proper. The plan provides varying levels of discounts depending on the number of members participating. He would like the HOA to present the plan to the neighborhood.

It was decided by the members present to table any discussion on the plan for a later date.

Dan Quigley-KMC Update

We currently have 5 homes in collections with two on payment arrangements.

Citizen’s Water denied a water leak claim, blaming the leak on landscaper error. The bill will not be modified by Citizen’s.

Christmas tree pick-up was a success. 36 trees picked up for a total of $500.00. No complaints were reported regarding the program.

Street Salting- everyone agreed the streets have been appropriately salted so far this winter.

Landscaping updates will be needed. The limestone retaining wall at the Olio entrance will need to be re-built. It is leaning and the landscaping crew is concerned its a safety hazard. Dan will investigate the costs to repair the wall. Additionally, multiple Blue Spruce trees are dead at the 96th street entrance and at the Dock Side Park. Dan will report back with quotes to replace them.

Street sign update- The most recent bid came in on February 16, 2018 at $66,458.00. All those present reviewed the different pieces of the posts available and determined the black wide base, black and white sign, and scroll hanging bracket were what we wanted but the quote needed work. Dan is going back to The Streetscape Company to see if he can negotiate a lower price.

Cory and Dan will be going through the neighborhood to determine where we have redundancy in stop signs. This may be a place we can save money.

Concerts in the Park- June 8th and August 17th for the summer concerts. Keith and Cory are reaching out to the bands. Fox Gardin will need to be notified.

The easter egg hunt will take place March 24th in the park.

Miscellaneous Updates

Stephanie noted that the former Fischer Homes model on Springstone does not have a light post in the front yard. Dan will follow-up with the new owner.

It was agreed that action would be taken by the HOA after any trailers are visible at a residence for 7 days or more.

The next meeting will be March 20th at 6:30pm at the home of Keith Mathews.

Keith provided an update on the Geist Lake Coalition. They will once again be treating the lake on a weekly basis and have started seeking donations for 2018 treatment. Higher participation in the program from Cambridge residents is desired all around.

The meeting adjourned at 8:00 P.M.

Springs of Cambridge

Springs of Cambridge